Thursday, June 26, 2014

GOVBALLNYC 2014. Saturday.

That Saturday was definitely one of the most memorable days in my entire life. I got to meet Tyler the Creator, one of my favorite rappers since 2011. I brought my friend Azin to the pop-up shop, who was very patient through out the whole waiting process. We waited a total of 3 hours... it was all very worth it.

We waited with... style.

Tyler puts a lot of his creative energy into his line of clothing, Golf Wang. In a recent enticing interview with Larry King, he discussed that he loves designing clothing. These were the friends we made while waiting on line. 

TYLER AND ME?!?!?!?! (I was so starstruck, oh my gosh.) I gave him my inhaler to sign, and I made a letter with a little fan art inside. I hugged him so hard twice, he was surprised but I think he enjoyed my hype and excitement. When I told him I loved him he said the same.

TYLER IS SO CUTE. I think I was about to smile really big, but I just didn't, I'm not sure why. I still am obsessed with this photo.


Christian Clancy

Kelly Clancy 

It was an absolute dream to meet Christian and Kelly Clancy (pictured above).  They are one of my FAVORITE power couples. They are my ultimate inspirations in the music management business.

I was having an argument with this really mean guy (for anyone who was there, the dude in the blue beanie) who was checking out my merchandise at the pop up shop. Then Jasper who is a rapper apart of Odd Future slid right next to me and got all close and tucked his shoulder into mine for a picture. It was very intimate. This was one of my favorite encounters that day. Jasper is such a character, and he's down to meet a million crazed fans which is so dope. 

TACO (the DJ who plays at Odd Future shows) AND I. He was "nae-nae-ing" his way through the pop-up shop, and I just HAD TO INTERVENE-AND TAKE A SELFIE.

The merchandise I bought was the GOLF Blocks Top, and very rare WOLF socks. Apparently they weren't being sold anywhere else. I copped some free stickers too. 

Azin and I finally hit Randall's Island! Every year they have interactive art installations like this one. You can hop into and on them and take pictures with them! 


So many eyes.

What I wore:
Ying-Yang Beaded Embellished Top: Discount Universe (One of my favorite pieces of clothing)
Dark Wash Highwaisted Shorts: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Pink Tie-Dye HUF Socks: Shop Jeen
Pink Dr. Martens:
Pink Studded Fanny Pack: Made by Moi, DIY

Azin's first GovBallNYC experience was a success.

LOVE YOU GUYS. TheFashionChica

Sunday, June 22, 2014

GOVBALLNYC 2014. Friday.


      Ah, it's that time of the year again. When Morgan gets to dress up to the nines, meeting other people who are like-minded. It's just a great time. (*Sighs contently*) Friday was an odd day at Randall's Island for my original party of two. My friend Azin, was sold a fake ticket. This was quite the wake up call, but she recovered well in the next two epic days. We're pictured below, on the way to the city.


What I Wore:

Mint Green Crop Top- Nasty Gal
Pineapple Leggings- Shop Jeen
White and Pink HUF Socks- Shop Jeen
Black & White Wings Sunglasses- Shop Jeen
Pink Dr. Martens-
Bindhi- eBay
Giraffe Earrings- Betsey Johnson
Pink Studded Fanny- Made by moi, DIY


How can I not post a snapchat selfie.
Fishtailing my hair was definitely a smart move. I didn't focus that much on my hair this year, but I went by the rule of keeping it off my face, keeping it chic.


More than excited to be riding on the ferry to the island!


THIS IS HEAVEN, for me at least.


I should of been in the front for the Janelle Monae performance. But the whole fraud ticket situation prevented that. Luckily, she came out on stage for Outkast, which was legendary. I fan-girled a lot.


           This is my friend Ryan C. Hamilton, I was lucky to meet him at last year's festival while waiting for Azealia Banks to go on. He was almost like a brother while we watched that performance. This could of been something close to what he said; "YO, LET THIS GIRL THROUGH, SHE'S AZEALIA'S BIGGEST FAN, LET HER THROUGH." He is pure awesome. Along with his great taste in music, he is a fashion photographer! How ironic is that, to stand next to him and have him be a fellow fashion photographer? Here is his work! He photographs his travels, performances, as well as editorial work.


     This was something scrumptious. I love red velvet anything. THE ICE CREAM FLAVOR WAS CREAM CHEESE?!

And now on to the Friday festival fashion... YAY.

        I was sitting to the left of this girl and I popped up in front of her unexpectedly. I asked her, "Can I take a picture of your scalp? I really like it. Did you get the painting done here?" (There was a face painting booth, that I NEVER get around to. Ugh.) She said her friend had done the painting.


           This clique of girls hailed all the way from London. I was baffled. First, because they obviously traveled so far to come see this festival. I asked why they came all the way from the U.K., and they told me the festivals there are not as good. I had to disagree, because I've seen many festival videos from London, and my favorite artist performs there more than she does in her own country (Cough cough, her initials are A.B.) But here was there crazy explanation; they bought the tickets when they were drunk. I thought that was amazing, that they went through with the commitment. I liked them a lot. 


          These girls were about to hop on the water refill station line, when I was like; "Wait, woah! What made you guys wear Triangl Bikinis to this music festival?" They proceeded to tell me confidently that it makes a lot of sense, because the amount of sweat produced dancing in the sun all day. Of course, it makes a lot of sense. We then continued to talk about how much we love Triangl Bikinis, which is a really awesome swimwear brand that creates all of the bikinis with the ultra waterproof material, Neoprene.


       I loved this girls outfit because the way her black and purple hair complements her black and purple outfit. I had to photograph her. When I gave her my card and proceeded to tell her that I was a fashion blogger, she told me she makes leather jewelry. The one she was wearing that day she obviously made too!

This is her Etsy shop:



         I was staring at this girl for a good minute. My friends Sydney and Zach were too. She's obviously breath-taking, so I did some math up in my noggin. If she looks like a model, and is rockin' an outfit that is the, why shouldn't I take a picture of her? So I did, and look at all of the guys behind her. Wow, what a swoon she was. I also loved her blue cross-body bag, and props to her for perfectly rocking black sky high booties and a velvet (especially BLACK VELVET) long sleeve top in the summer at a music festival. 


This was one of the first people I mingled with in the Phoenix crowd, before I pushed to the front to see Outkast. I really liked her shirt. She told me she thrifted it. Duh!



The crowd that I hung out with before the Outkast concert.

This video doesn't even do the performance justice, the crowd was LIT.


This girl was downright rad, from her "phuck yo gal" Rihanna-esque pose to her striped five panel hat.. She and her friends go to college in my town, and this girl recognized me because she works at the Urban Outfitters near me. When we first found this out, I said, "OH MY GOD, WE PROBABLY EAT AT THE SAME CHIPOTLE, AND WE PROBABLY SHOP AT THE SAME GROCERY STORES..." (and so on and so forth) I was baffled, especially because I happen to be applying to the school she attends!


The crowd that was BEHIND me. Mind you, I got there an hour early for the performance.


                                                                         ANDRE 3000


Like every year, it was really hard to take these bracelets off. I left the yellow ferry pass on for at least two weeks. Now, on to the next day!

                                                        Keep strutting, TheFashionChica

Friday, May 30, 2014

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit @ the Brooklyn Museum

Jean Paul Gaultier was a trail blazer in the art of women's lingerie, gown wear, and resort wear. I recently attended his exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum with my friend Ebrima, who also loves fashion.

The exhibit held many mannequins with digital expressions animated on to a three dimensional face, with extravagant wigs-AND- the mannequins even talked to you, communicating monologues that took you back to the era that Gaultier grew up in.

You can see just from this caging pictured above that structure was a huge part of Gaultier's aesthetic.

-Young Jean in France-

Here, Jean Paul is depicted by world renowned photographer David LaChapelle. David is known for his whimsical and comical portraits.

Pictured above are some of Gaultier's famous illustrations.

Once Ebrima and I reached the middle of the exhibit, we could see the detail of all of the towns and ensembles. This mannequin made me think of her as a mermaid who had gained legs like "The Little Mermaid" and needed crutches to balance. Other people could have interpreted this ensemble differently, but that goes to show that everything Gaultier made was art, and it was supposed to make you feel something.

I love this photo because it shows the mannequins and designs from another perspective. The mannequins are looking at the viewers like they are the art.

All of the Deep-V gowns and bustiers I saw that day were STUNNING. Since Gaultier made couture designs, that meant all of the pieces were made by hand, treated like art; every stitch done with great precision

-More mermaid inspired gowns-

The next part of the exhibit was what I'd like to call resort wear, which featured sailor-esque outfits. Resort wear doesn't have to be inspired by nautical things, resort wear simply means it's more summer-y, I like to think that I would take resort where on a tropical vacation or cruise.

Although the look above was minimal compared to the other intricate pieces we saw, it was one of my favorite and most memorable pieces at the exhibit. I just fell in love with the hat that turned in to a literal cover up. Fashion doesn't always have to be crazy and avant-garde, but it can be smart and make you think. That is what this piece above did to my head! 

Above is a picture of Jean Paul speaking virtually at the exhibit through a mannequin. Talk about a self portrait!

These pictures were a part of the next part of the exhibit. I loved how they had to do with religion and you could tell that the designs were entwined with the idea of worshipping a higher being. In this case, I believed that the form of worship was more Christian/Catholic faith.


A self portrait of Mr. Gaultier pictured below. It reminded me of the first forms of photographic technology-photographs were printed on metal.

The next part of the exhibit featured mannequins from all different time periods from the 1900's, and let me tell you; everything from the shoes to the wigs were EXTRAVAGANT.

This lady can definitely do the "Can-can."

This dress pictured below was made for sitting on a higher platform- Just LOOK at that train!

I could write paragraphs and paragraphs about this next photo. I love the domination of the bodies even though they're fake, its really raunchy and full of BDSM.


In all seriousness, I really would love to have this PVC rain coat in my closet.

XOXO, TheFashionChica (Morgan)

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